Work calendar

The fields “Time in status”, “Timer” and “Stopwatch”, as well as JQL functions are able to count the time according to working calendars. Calendars take into account working hours and user time zone. That allows you to coordinate the time between users from different regions.

For example, the timers and stopwatches will display the dates of the continuation of work, taking into account the user’s working calendar and timezone.


  1. Open admin page of “Time in status”:
    • Open from “Manage your app“:

    • Or from “Apps“ menu::

  2. Open “Calendars” and click “Create”:

  3. Enter the data in the calendar settings fields.


    1. You can specify an arbitrary time. Set in time field “21:35” (example). Click on time field and start typing “time” as “7:00” or “19:30”.

    2. then click “Create”

  4. Time zones - Calendar time calculations occur in the specified time zone. However, displays take into account the user’s time zone.
  5. If the data are not correct, an error will appear when saving.

  6. Adding Breaks. To add breaks during working hours, do the following.
    1. Create a break at “Add break time intervals”. Set start and end times and click “Add“.

    2. When there are breaks in the calendar for selection, then the working day has a field for selecting breaks.
    3. Then you can set default calendar breaks. The default break time can be selected in the working day.
    4. Set up work breaks for work days. Choose a default break or set one or more time intervals. Intervals must not overlap.

  7. Start date time - All calculations will be carried out from this date. The time before this date is considered non-working. For example: project start date.

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