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Welcome to JiBrok Calculated fields (JBCF)!

Pack of calculated custom fields:

Full list of fields

  • ToDo list
  • Shared components
  • Role, Group, Status pickers
  • Versions - This field allows you to calculate intersections, merges, and differences between two fields containing versions.
  • Time between dates - Calculates the time between two dates from fields - system fields or custom. jql to search for “time between dates” in time (“>”, “2h”)
  • Formula (number, string, date) - Field for calculating the value using the specified formula(script). You can use any system and user fields for calculation. You can customize the display. You can connect jql functions to search by time.
  • Age
  • Age by resolution
  • Previous assignee
  • Mentions
  • Count of attachment
  • Attachment links
  • Select Attachment
  • Remote links
  • Count of comment
  • Last comment
  • Resolver
  • Not resolves sub-tasks
  • Sort by parent
  • Parent status
  • Sort by epic
  • Sort by epic rank
  • All linked issues
  • Inward links or outward links
  • Component leads
  • Date of first or last comment
  • Issue comment
  • Regex

Full list of fields

JiBrok message field Message field
JiBrok time in status Time in status | SLA | Timer | Stopwatch
Work calendars
Time in status
Timers and Stopwatches
Additional functions
Issue panels
Field Helpers
Other fields
Reference information
JiBrok time in status Time in status (Cloud)
Work calendars
Time in status fields
Issue panels
Service tools
Reference information
JiBrok Calculated fields Calculated fields (JBCF)
JiBrok Calculated fields Calculated fields (JBCF) for Cloud
JBCF fields
Service tools
JiBrok Timer Timer for Cloud
Work calendars
Timer fields
Service tools
JiBrok Stopwatch Stopwatch for Cloud
Work calendars
Stopwatch fields
Service tools