Feature Difference (Server/Data Center and Cloud)

Due to the difference in architecture and approaches, we will not be able to implement some things in the cloud, while others will be implemented as single solutions. You can see all the news about the plugin after the update on the main page.

The application is being actively developed and updated daily.

"Time in status" field

FeaturesServer/Data CenterCloud
Configured field name
Field contexts
Standard Jira Custom field context

It is set in the application using JQL
Calculate time in selected statuses
Calculate time in all statuses
Calculate time in current status❌🛠
Calculate average time❌🛠
Calculate time after last move❌🛠
Calculate time first transition❌🛠
Calculate time of first transition❌🛠
Calculate time after last transition❌🛠
Display time formats✅ without day formats 🛠
Show as panel
Many fields can be created✅ No more than 25-100 depending on their settings
Show as panel on Agile boards
Calculate time by Work calendar
Show field value permissions
Show state icon❌🛠
Show parent value in sub-tasks❌🛠
Sort by "Time in status" field
Search by "Time in status" field
Real-time search by "Time in status" field✅The data is calculated at the time of the search.✅Data is updated every 1-30 minutes (Depending on time and settings).
Field export format ✅ Separate setting ✅It is set together with the time display format in the field
Field export to CSV, XML, Excel
Field export to eazyBi
Different styles of displaying time in the field❌🛠
Customize display value✅ Velocity
Show breaktime with time zone❌🛠
Setting the location of the issue panel

Another fields

FeaturesServer/Data CenterCloud
Timer field✅ Published for the cloud in a separate app: more info
Stopwatch field✅ Published for the cloud in a separate app: more info

Work calendar

FeaturesServer/Data CenterCloud
Time zone
Customize work week
Break time intervals
Custom days
Repeatable custom days
Start date time(first day for calendar)
Work time settings for time formats❌🛠

Issue reports

FeaturesServer/Data CenterCloud
Download reports from issue❌🛠
Issue report "Time in status"
Issue report "Time in status for transition history"❌🛠
Issue report "Time in status by assignee"❌🛠
Configure issue reports for projects

Another functions

FeaturesServer/Data CenterCloud
Specified JQL functions with multiple params
Performance settings✅ Through contacting support
JQL functions without fields
Auto worklog
Custom field calculation of the function by JQL❌🛠
Transition counter field
Is status field
Rest API
Java API

Migration from Server/Data Center
Work calendar
JiBrok message field Message field
JiBrok time in status Time in status | SLA | Timer | Stopwatch
Work calendars
Time in status
Timers and Stopwatches
Additional functions
Issue panels
Field Helpers
Other fields
Reference information
JiBrok time in status Time in status (Cloud)
Work calendars
Time in status fields
Issue panels
Service tools
Reference information
JiBrok Calculated fields Calculated fields (JBCF)
JiBrok Calculated fields Calculated fields (JBCF) for Cloud
JBCF fields
Service tools
JiBrok Timer Timer for Cloud
Work calendars
Timer fields
Service tools
JiBrok Stopwatch Stopwatch for Cloud
Work calendars
Stopwatch fields
Service tools