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Message field by default may not be displayed with Jira Service Desk portal created by Refined for Jira | Sites & Themes.

To fix it you need to disable a couple of resources and enable global ones instead of them.

  • Click the Administration icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Go to Manage apps.

    open manage apps

  • Find Message field in the plugins list. Click on its section. Then click on the button 17 of 19 modules enabled(the number of modules may change over time) displaying plug-in modules(it is located in the right column).

    plugin modules

  • Right from each module there will be a button - enable or disable (they are displayed when you hover over the module).
    • You need to disable modules: general, view-servicedesk
    • You need to enable modules: general-global, view-servicedesk-global

Please do not leave all resources enabled this will lead to the duplication of messages and other problems with displaying the messages.

After replacing the resources all messages should be displayed correctly in all interfaces - Jira standard interfaces and Refined for Jira.

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