Manual control for Timers and Stopwatches

In different situations, there is a need for manual data control. If there are few requests or they occur periodically, then you can issue the rights to users for manual control of counters (timers and stopwatches). This is set in the field configuration and allows users to manually start and stop counters.

In a different situation, there can be a lot of counters for point control. In this case, the administrator can massively apply the action to the counters. Action details
For example, it can be used to massively stop timers.

The administrator specifies:

  • JQL
  • Fields
  • Action
  • Additional settings

In tasks from JQL, the specified action will be performed for these fields.

Detail history for timer and stopwatch
Restore timer and stopwatch by issue history
JiBrok message field Message field
JiBrok time in status Time in status | SLA | Timer | Stopwatch
Work calendars
Time in status
Timers and Stopwatches
Additional functions
Issue panels
Field Helpers
Other fields
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