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This application calculates time that issue spent between issue events. Calculations can be made according to the working calendar(taking into account weekends, holidays and lunch breaks).

You can search and sort tasks by the "timer" fields. This allows to create queue/filters according to the time metrics.

Fields are also available for export in different formats, which allows you to use your favourite reporting tools: excel, rest api, dashboards, etc.

Where to begin?

  1. Create a work calendar. To do this, go to the adjacent tab: Calendars.
  2. Create fields to track the time between issue events. To do this, go to the adjacent tab: "Timer fields".
  3. Configure JQL Queries.
  4. You can display new fields in the JQL navigator and dashboards. {this.state.isDownloaded?"(πŸ“Œ examples are clickable)":"(πŸ“Œ Clickable examples will be here after creating the timer)"}
    • "DATE:FIELD_NAME" = startOfDay()
        Available DATE values:
      • "started:FIELD_NAME" > startOfDay()
      • "paused:FIELD_NAME" > startOfDay()
      • "stopped:FIELD_NAME" > startOfDay()
      • "failed:FIELD_NAME" > startOfDay()
      For example: "started:FIELD_NAME" = startOfDay() - to search by start date.
    • "state:FIELD_NAME" = STATE - to search by state of timers.
        Available STATE values:
      • "state:FIELD_NAME" = running
      • "state:FIELD_NAME" = pause
      • "state:FIELD_NAME" = completed
      • "state:FIELD_NAME" = failed
      For example: "state:FIELD_NAME" = running - to search running timers.
      • "hours TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 2 - to search by time in hours.
      • "minutes TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 45 - to search by time in minutes.
        Available TIME values:
      • "hours TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" > 2 and "minutes TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" > 45
      • "hours PauseTime:FIELD_NAME" > 2 and "minutes PauseTime:FIELD_NAME" > 45
      • "hours LeftTime:FIELD_NAME" > 2 and "minutes LeftTime:FIELD_NAME" > 45
      Combined this conditions:
      "hours TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 2 AND "minutes TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 45 will search for issues that time more than 2 hours and 45 minutes.
    • "time in hours TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5 - to search by time in hours. You can enter a fractional number. The all time will be converted to hours in decimal notation.
        Available TIME values:
      • "time in hours TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5
      • "time in hours PauseTime:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5
      • "time in hours LeftTime:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5
      For example: "time in hours TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5 - find timers that have counted down more than an hour and a half.
    • "time in minutes TIME:FIELD_NAME" > 1.5 - to search by time in minutes. The all time will be converted to minutes.
        Available TIME values:
      • "time in minutes TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" > 90
      • "time in minutes PauseTime:FIELD_NAME" > 90
      • "time in minutes LeftTime:FIELD_NAME" > 90
      For example: "time in minutes LeftTime:FIELD_NAME" > 90 - find timers that have more than 90 minutes left until the end.
    • 'For sorting, you can use any of these fields with the obligatory indication of 'ASC or DESC
      • ... ORDER BY "minutes TimeSpent:FIELD_NAME" ASC
  5. Web panels - Coming soon πŸ› 
  6. Timer Archive - Coming soon πŸ› 
  7. Contact support in case of difficulties.

The application is now being fine-tuned and improved. Later on, there will be more detailed information about functionality and limitations.

πŸ“– How to create Timer and configure it step-by-step
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