Field - Periodic calculation of the value of the function by jql

How does this complex-named field work? The field settings indicate:

  • Main field - source of information for obtaining the calculated value.
  • Function for calculating the value - serves to calculate the value of this field. The value of the function will be calculated on the data received from the main field.
  • JQL - tasks for calculating the value.
  • Schedule Expression - the schedule for updating the value.

The field value is formed as follows.

  • JQL query is executed according to the schedule.
  • For found issues, values are taken from the main field.
  • The resulting group of values is passed to the function to calculate the value.
  • The received function value is saved - this will be the field value until the next update (according to the schedule).

The field value is the same for all tasks using this field context.

Examples of using.

  • Display in an issue the average execution time of requests for the last month
  • Display the best execution time for a request in a week.
  • Count the number of tasks by JQL condition
  • Display the cell value from the report into tasks. Because this field and reports use the same mechanism. You can output values from reports to queries.
  • Search for issues in which the lead time is longer than the average or median time. JQL - issue in compareFields(“field1”,”field2”)

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