Autotrack settings

As a Jira administrator, you can configure to automatically stop and start timers or stopwatches when a user logs in or out.

It works as follows.

The settings indicate:

  • Users
  • JQL (including sorting!).
  • Fields(Timers and Stopwatches) to be stopped or started.
  • Idle time in minutes.
  • and other settings.


  • When a user logs into Jira, a JQL issue search is performed. The first task is taken (sorting is important) in it timers and stopwatches are started on behalf of the user.
  • When a user has been inactive in Jira for more than a time or logged out, JQL Issues are searched again. No more than 20 first tasks are taken from the result and timers and stopwatches are paused.

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