Web panel

Enables the display of the “Time in status” in the sidebar.

You can create many panels with different settings.

General settings

  • Web panel name - A panel with this name will be created in issues.
  • Statuses - The panel will display the time only for the indicated statuses. Empty value - all issue statuses.
  • Projects - The panel will be available for issues from the specified projects. Empty value - all projects.
  • Issue types - The panel will be available for issues of the specified types. Empty value - all issue types.
  • Calendar - The time will be calculated according to the work schedule specified in the calendar. The default is a 24x7 work calendar.
  • Time format - In the selected format, the time will be displayed in the panel.
  • Use rounding for display * The time will be rounded when displayed in the field. 21:37 -> 21:30 (use intervals)
  • Show zero value - Show status in the panel when the time spent in it is equal to zero

What is the new Jira issue view?

  • Location - Location in the application interface for this panel.
  • Web panel weight - Set a positive integer.
    • Determines the order in which web panels appear. Web panels are displayed top to bottom or left to right in order of ascending weight. The “lightest” weight is displayed first, while the “heaviest” weights sink to the bottom.
    • Due to caching in Jira cloud, weight changes can be delayed in the issue.

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