Base settings

While setting up a field you can choose which settings to show: basic or advanced.

In the field Show Settings select the Base option.

Basic settings include:

  • Title - Not a required field. Plain text or HTML(only for Message type ‘Custom’ and Show as flag ‘No’).
  • Body - Plain text or HTML.
  • Message Type - One of the predefined types responsible for the color and style of the message.
    • Info, Warning, Error, Success, Change
    • Custom - In the case when this color palette is not enough or the messages do not look good in corporate style, you can configure Body & Title style(separately) using HTML.
  • Show as flag
    • No - shows the message as a banner among the fields.
      • The position of the message is determined by the position of the field on the screen.
    • Yes - shows message in a small pop-up on the right side of the screen.

  • You can click Show Demo to test the display of a message.

  • Click Save after setting the message.

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