All Message fields settings

When there are a lot of messages in the system it can be difficult to administer them with standard tools. To simplify the work with messages there is an interface where you can display the settings for all (or selected) fields of the “Message field”.

  • Choose: Administration ( in the top panel on the right) > Manage apps.

  • In the left menu, find the section Message field and click All Message fields settings.

Click Show settings and select the settings you want to view. This selection will be saved for you and the next time you open this interface these fields will already be selected.

Specify in Select fields which fields you want to view or leave blank to display all Message fields.

For each selected field all contexts(only with customized messages there) will be displayed separately.

When the Field name (setting link) field is displayed you can immediately go to the page for setting this field and its context.

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