Stopwatch field

The field for calculating the time between events occurring with the task. Counts the time between virtually any issue events. For example: creating a task, writing a comment, changing status, assigning, setting a resolution or any other custom field. [Complete list of events] (/docs/time-in-status/available-events/)

Main features:

  • counts time for new and old tasks.
  • counts the time according to the working calendar.
  • Run under certain conditions.
  • Notice of action.
  • allows you to search and sort tasks based on real-time data.
  • Flexible field setting and config.
  • flexible and powerful search queries.
  • suitable for monitoring requests, queuing.
  • Exported in different formats.
  • Available for statistics and reporting.
  • Available for work calculation with reference values and comparison with them. (e.g. average time in project status)
  • Display setting
  • Setting access rights
  • Ability to work with time as a prime number - simplifies integration with third-party solutions.
  • Tracking new requests.
  • Analysis and collection of time data in the status of past tasks.
  • Queues of requests sorted by response time or work in real time.
  • Tracking the time of different stages of the request.
  • Visual status of work on the request.
  • Drawing up reports on the work done. …

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