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Hello! Unfortunately since November 2020 all JiBrok applications have become paid.

The release of free applications was possible due to our company work with server versions of Jira. The development was for the internal needs of the company. Some of our plugins were very versatile for a lot of companies. Others remained purely internal decisions of the company and its processes.

As a result:

  • For more than a year our applications were free.
  • 12 applications were released.
  • More than 350 application updates.
  • Support for Jira 7, Jira 8, Service Desk, release of the main applications for Data Center.
  • Applications are active on more than 1,500 systems.
  • Over 150 different requests for corrections, improvements, integration and consultations were processed.

According to the results, these applications are very helpful not only for us. It’s very inspiring!

But we all depend on Atlassian’s global solutions: Accelerating our journey to the cloud, together

Our company will also be moving to Jira Cloud in the next few years. Also it was decided to make the development of applications for marketplace as a stand-alone project.

Important Dates

  • Starting February 2, 2021, customers will no longer be able to purchase new Jira Server licenses. However, you will still be able to purchase new server licenses for JiBrok apps. You will also be able to renew existing licenses, both for Jira and apps, and upgrade or downgrade your server licenses.
  • As of February 2, 2022, you won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade user tiers for your server products or apps.
  • Starting February 2, 2023, you will no longer be able to purchase server licenses for apps, but renewals will still be available.
  • February 2, 2024 is the end of support for the server version of Atlassian Jira.

What does it mean for our users?

Server & DC

For those who decide to move to the data center, our applications offer the same functionality as the server versions, in addition to a number of performance and reliability improvements.

We are committed to continuous development and top-notch customer support for both our datacenter and server applications, so whether you move to DC or decide to stay on the server for a few years, you will still enjoy the new versions and timely bug fixes.

We keep old versions of apps with key functionality in the public domain. New versions will be released under a paid license. We are open to any questions and suggestions (functionality, advice, prices, discounts…).



We will also publish our apps for Jira Cloud. The first launches will begin in the first half of 2021.

Message field in JQL Navigator and export printable.

In JQL navigator view message always will be displayed as a banner.
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⭐️ Time in status for Jira Cloud - Public release ⭐️

We have published our cloud application Time in status! 🥳

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