Plugins for Atlassian products - Cross-Filters Matrix

Filters (JQL) are specified in columns and rows. The cells contain the number of tasks satisfying filters (xJQL) and (yJQL) at the same time.

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Cross-Filters Matrix

For visual representation of the result, each column and row in the matrix can be assigned any name.

  1. This plugin shows the results of intersection filters in the form of a table (xJQL and yJQL).
  2. You can add any JQL query to the table. The filter table can be viewed on a separate page or in a gadget. You can also go to a detailed overview of results.
  3. It saves your time when gathering information and statistics about your tasks. It helps keep track of tasks / teams / projects that interest you.

Access rights. All users can view all matrices. Administrators and OWNER can edit a matrix. Only administrators can change the OWNER. Administrators can create matrices. Administrators can provide access to all users to create matrices.

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