Plugin for Jira - Simple notifications for Jira

Notifications for users about changes in issues. Each user turns on or off the display of notifications! Notifications are displayed in the browser on the active Jira page. Admins can send users any notifications with any HTML.

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  • Notifications are automatically sent to as specified in the project notification scheme setting.
  • Each user can enable or disable automatic notifications for themselves.
  • Administrators can send personal notifications to a user, a list of users, or groups. These messages will be displayed to the user when opening Jira, regardless of their settings.
  • Admin can send a message that closes only after clicking
  • Java public api for your plugins and scripts
  • REST for send notifications
  • Save admin notifications
  • The user can configure jql filters to display notifications in the interface only for important issues. Notifications can be divided by color.

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Written on July 9, 2019