Customizable Announcements for Jira

The ability to create an Announcement Banner is good! The ability to customize to whom and when to show it is wonderful!

We expand the standard functionality.

Now announcement Banner can choose a color. Make a rainbow out of them!

Customizable Announcements for Jira - example

Announcements can only be shown to specific users or groups.

Announcement banner can only be shown at certain times. Are you planning work? A banner has been added and it will alert active users a few hours before the start.

You can specify HTML and JavaScript that will be processed only for groups and users. WOW! @_@

Banner management can be delegated. The jira administrator can grant banner management rights to other users. For example, technical support.

Banners have rest api. And you can automate the inclusion of banners in certain events.

All changes are recorded in the audit log.

Customizable Announcements for Jira - settings

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Written on August 15, 2019